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Mutual Desires by kythe42 (PG-13)

Title: Mutual Desires
Series: None
Author: kythe42
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Categories: Slash, Threesome or Moresome, bits of Humor and Angst, Established Relationship, First Time Threesome
Words: 2164
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Slash, Adult Themes
Spoilers: None
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Carson Beckett
Pairings: McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/McKay, Beckett/Sheppard, Beckett/McKay/Sheppard
Summary: Rodney's confession leads to something unexpected.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. I’m merely borrowing them for my own amusement.
Author’s Notes: I haven't been writing fanfiction for very long, and this is the first time I've really attempted to write slash let alone a threesome. So I apologize in advance if this isn't very good. I'm always open to suggestions and constructive criticism.

Take me to the story!
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FIC: Error, Error: Deviation

Title: Error, Error: Deviation
Chapter: 1/?
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay, team OT4
Rating: M 15+, no actual smut (yet)
Summary: John, John Sheppard was screaming silently at them from the screen, blood trailing down his face. Only he was very, very wrong. Rodney saw it straight away, something dark around the eyes, desperation, and more than that, an ice-cold rage that seemed to promise painful punishment for those people on the other end.
Word Count:~ 8 000
Warning: AU!team colliding with the canon team, OT4, Wraith Queen sexual manipulation, slight hints of meta-fic.
Disclaimer: Stargate: Atlantis, characters, colon and all, does not belong to me.

Link: The sirens rang out.

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Title: Private Porn Olympics
Author: Severusslave
Rating: NC17
Pairings: Sheppard/McKay, Heightmeyer/OFC
Words: 3840
Note: + Written for jo_zed_pee_em as comment porn here: THREAD
+ This is porn. Foursome porn. Well, later on.

Private Porn Olympics
Self-pleasure, twosome, threesome, orgy, het, gay and lesbian sex.

*clears throat* Alright! *wiggles fingers*

( Private Porn Olympics 1 - Self-pleasure // John )
( Private Porn Olympics 2 - Twosome. Het. // John & Kate )
( Private Pron Olympics 3 - Threesome. Lesbian. // John, Kate & her girlfriend )
( Private Porn Olympics 4 - Gay // John & Rodney )
( Private Porn Olympics 5 - Orgy // John, Rodney, Kate & her girlfriend )
( The picture. NC17 )
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admin notice

Just a line about what's been happening with me:

I've recently begun writing a crossover fic otherwise known as ReaperGate. It's a DLM/SGA fic with John/Rodney, Rodney/Carson, Rodney/Carson/John, and most like some side stories with Radek/Elizabeth and Teyla/Ronan. Stackhouse/Elizabeth may sneak in. Anyway, it's long and since there's a 3some I will post links to those chapters here.

I'm very inundated with midterms and homework. All things I planned to do (including fic) have been scheduled to fit into my free time.

Having said that, I did spend some time making a quick icon, changing the layout, and tagging all the entries on this comm. I will be adding a banner at some point since I know it can be done and writing up a quick orgy!fic to add here. I am set to work on some icons but those will be done for a date in november. I'm also reccing fics and hope you guys will add some more yourselves.

I've been contemplating doing a ficathon here with orgyfic and if anyone would be interested with that, let me know. :)
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'nother fic rec

A Little Gift by mice1900.

This is my all time favorite of the threesome fics. It's Rodney/Carson/John, NC-17. It's very well written and the boys never seem out of character. I love the flow of the fic and particularly, the beginning of the fic when all three are on the couch. It's got some cute dialogue and Carson's reaction is perfect.

Also - make sure to read the ending. *g*
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Fic Rec

Since this group has been dead, I decided that I will begin reccing good orgyfics and perhaps writing some more myself. :) Feel free to rec your own fics and favorites. Remember this group is for three people or more, so definitely talk about those threesomes we all love.

Pre-pre-mission Briefings in the Pegasus Galaxy by shetiger

It's Ronan/Teyla/Rodney/John fic, rated NC-17, and it's fabulous. Rodney is definitely himself until he gets comfortable with the situation; I don't normally like het anything but I enjoyed the majority of Teyla and Ronan's interplay. It has some humorous parts and some very erotic ones, but it all flows, fitting perfectly together.

Go forth and read if you've not already.
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New Community!

Are you a slasher looking for some gen fic? Maybe a McShep fan wondering what Schweir is all about? Even more importantly, don't know where to look to find fics outside of your niche?

Look no further! Not only is atlantisfic a place to post fanfic, but it's an organized fic community.

All fic posted at atlantisfic will be tagged and placed in memories using categories such as specific characters, pairings, and themes.

Any and all Atlantis fic is welcome—all characters, all pairings, and all genres.
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Fic: Almost, Probably Pregnant

pegasus_01 and I should never be let unsupervised... Especially while discussing a fic, a MPreg fic, at that. This is the result. What lies ahead is pure, and unadultered insanity, but seeing as most SGA fans are fairly tolerant, I'm sure you'll all go read it, raise a few eyebrows, and then call the men in white coats to come get us... We won't blame you, promise.
So without further ado, I present the fic:

Title: Almost, Probably Pregnant
Authors: Lilas and Neth
Summary: A little accident has unexpected results, but life goes on. In a manner of speaking.
Follow the fake LJ cut!

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Fic: Major. M/S/B. 1/1

Disclaimer: Not mine or the herein would have been televised in some fashion.
Title: Major
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard/Beckett
Rating: MA/Angry Red Wombat
Summary: A long fic with bondage and blindfolds, jumpers, showers, and non-horizontal sex.
Notes: For forcryinoutloud and sethoz, though I ended up making it a threesome instead of just M/S.
( Major )